Dr. Nissrine El Hassan, was awarded the Elsevier Outstanding Reviewer Award

Dr. Nissrine El Hassan, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, was awarded the Elsevier Outstanding Reviewer Award from the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy for being within the top 10th percentile of reviewers for the journal, in terms of the number of manuscript reviews completed in the last two years. Elsevier awards researchers who have been credited with outstanding achievements and are making a significant contribution to the advancement of their field, thereby having a positive influence on our society. Dr. El Hassan serves as a reviewer for several leading and prestigious journals in her field.

Dr. El Hassan is currently working on local challenges in Lebanon like the conversion of municipal solid waste into energy and “green” valorization of natural gas (expected reserves) on nanomaterials. Since her arrival at the Faculty of Engineering in 2009, she has worked closely with Sorbonne University, France on pioneering projects in the field of nanomaterials applied to energy production.